Mr. Steve Leung

Internationally renowned architect
interior and product designer
Founder of Steve Leung Design Group
Chairman of the International Federation
of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) from 2017 to 2020
Born in Hong Kong, known for his modern style
Skilled at incorporating elements
of rich Asian culture and art into his designs
Has been selected 16 times for the prestigious
"Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award"
also known as the "Interior Design Oscars"
Recipient of the coveted title
"Global Designer of the Year" in 2015

Steve Leung Supercar Series
Smart Panel

Designed by renowned designer Steve Leung
personally designed

Smart Panel
Swiss Series

Beautiful with row installation
Unified style, unified color

The creative concept is inspired
by the sleek curves of a sports car

bringing forth elegance in spirit and agility in form
awakening the "speed and passion" of urban dwellers

Steve Leung Supercar Series
smart panels
Monaco Gold, Belgium Silver
On these two panels
The raised engine hood
Combined with the reflection
of the high-gloss surface
and the
"supercar taillight shadow"
is simply a perfect fusion

When pressed, there is a vibration feedback

When the buttons are pressed, the panel will provide a vibration feedback
allowing the user to clearly feel that the panel has received the command

A three-in-one Smart Thermostat Panel
can replace the original three traditional panels
for aircon, floor heating and fresh air

Long press for 5 seconds to trigger the "Scene Snapshot" function

The Steve Leung series smart panel features a powerful user-customizable "Scene Snapshot" function
When you open the "Rest Mode" and feel that the current lighting is not comfortable
you can make slight adjustments to the chandelier, spotlights
and light strips to achieve a comfortable state
At this point, you can long press the "Rest Mode" button for 5 seconds to activate the "AI Scene Snapshot"
The next time you press this button, the current scene will be reproduced just like the "car seat memory"

When a person approaches
Text lights up

When a person leaves
The "Supercar Tail Light Effect"
Slowly emerges

Steve Leung Supercar Series smart panel features "Deep Smart Dimming"
During the process of turning off or on all the lights in the house
there is a gentle "Feather Landing" effect that creates a soft atmosphere

By tapping the "100% Light" button on the smart panel once
the lights in the living room will gradually and gently illuminate layer by layer
resembling the softness of a feather landing

Clients can customizethe panel according to their preferred text type


Clients can also customizethe panel based on their preferred text size

Default font



Sleep Mode

By pressing the Sleep Mode button on the panel
the text light will automatically turn off
allowing the homeowners to sleep undisturbed

Night Mode

After entering Sleep Mode
when any button is pressed, the text light will light up
and Night Mode will be activated simultaneously

Steve Leung Supercar Series
Integrated Smart Panel

Available in six colors

Mica Black

Champaign Silver

Snowflake Silver

Monaco Gold

Champaign Gold

Belgium Silver

Steve Leung Supercar Series

Multiple combinations

Smart Panel
6 colors

Smart Panel 3-in-1
6 colour

Smart Panel
6 colors

Five-hole Socket Panel
6 colors

Smart Panel
6 colors

Smart Panel
6 colors

Smart Panel 3-in-1
6 colour

English Socket Panel
6 colors

Socket Panel(USB)
6 colors

Panic Button Panel
6 colors