Steve Leung Supercar Series
Smart Panel

Designed by renowned designer Steve Leung
personally designed

Zaha Landmark Series
Smart Panel

Designed by the renowned
British firm "Zaha Hadid Architects"

The Moorgen M78 series
is a smart dimmer remote control
of "luxury-grade" quality

Milan Series
Smart Dimmer Knob

Moorgen M50 Crystal Series
Smart Remote Control

Breaking Space Barriers
One-button to Start the Future Life

Queen Series
Smart Dimmer Knob

Italy Series
AI Intercom Smart Screen

The Italy Series AI Intercom Smart Screen has AI learning functions based on user habits
Supports multi-modal fusion interaction including voice, vision, and touch

Moorgen AI Smart Screen
Low power consumption
more lightweight and slim

The Myriad Phoenixes
Assemble series
Smart pendant light

designed by the renowned British architectural
firm, Zaha Hadid Design

Parisian Flower Series
Electric Smart Spotlights

A series of electric smart spotlights
that fully integrate lighting and smart controls

T77 Series
Moorgen Smart Fingerprint Lock

The overall design utilizes mobile phone CNC technology
The surface adopts flexible curved crystal