Smart Platooninsert Creates
An Impressive Effect

As a everyday object, patch board has made people get used to its shortcomings,
on which, however, we want to make improvement
Product appearance is redesigned to meet the requirements for home accessories,
with each process finely devised
Selection of quality materials and re-customization
of core components ensure structural improvement
Improvement on a patch board,
though unable to bring dramatic changes to the world,
can deliver a better life

Build Our Success On Each
Small Part And Component

High quality tin-phosphor bronze is selected as
the most important conductive structure material for the interior parts
With its good elasticity, strong electrical conductivity,
and strong resistance to wear,
it greatly reduces the security risks of virtual connection, turning hot and catching fire
In terms of technology,
we spare no expense and use only the safer all-in-one and no-break connection technology
in making the plug bush and copper strip
All, including parts and components,
are made of genuine materials so as to ensure the quality of life

MR6003 3-Channels Infrared Platooninsert

Capable of controlling three multimedia equipment subject to infrared control, such as TV, DVD, audio, and projector
Capable of controlling the switch, volume, and program source of multimedia
Capable of controlling the plugging in/off of the equipment
Capable of energy-consuming audit
Capable of identifying whether the equipment is on or off
Capable of identifying power range: 15W-500W
With built-in 868 MHZ two-way wireless communication

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