Build For You A Life
Abounding With Intelligence

At bedtime when you leave the drawing room,
the air condition will perform self-closing
When getting up in the night to urinate,
the small night lamp will automatically turn on to illuminate your way
From now on, once German Moorgen presence sensor is put in place
The existence of the human body or animals
can be perceived intelligently at any time
Connectivity with other aspects of smart home
will make your life more intelligent

Be It Visible Or Invisible,
Internal And External Cultivation Is Pursued

German Moorgen presence sensor can judge whether
there is anybody or animal around by the perceived heat movement
To make usage safer, we decide on the high quality flame retardant materials
Lens made of polyolefin materials can improve the perception accuracy,
while usage of anti-UV materials can prevent the shell from fading for long
Quick response within 20 milliseconds ensure that no delay may be felt

MR5009 Bus Exist Sensor

It also helps identify who is in a state of rest
Supply voltage: DC24V
Bus protocol: Mo-Bus_V1.0 protocol
Installation: Ceiling Installation

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