Common Household Appliances
Turn Into Intelligent Appliances

Remote control of home appliances can be performed anytime
and anywhere with the Internet available
Use the Moorgen Intelligent Household APP to turn on
the air conditioning when you are a long distance away
To turn on the light in the sitting room, or even the water heater
The moment you open the door,
your weariness is melted by the warmth long there waiting for you

MR1003 Single Channel AC Standard Motor Control Module

Capable of controlling single channel AC standard motor in its turning on, turning off and stopping
Capable a percentage of control
With built-in 868 MHZ two-way wireless communication
Bus protocol: Mo-Bus_V1.0 protocol + lx485 protocol
Single Circuit Rated Current: 10A
Installation: Installed in the motor installation card slots
Dimensions: 114x36x30(mm)

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