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You will love it at first sight
New touch point design makes your control mode more interesting and energy-saving
Sensitive, easy to use and full of fun, it helps you perform multimedia control at will
Inside the invisible internal parts lies the meticulous treatment by the engineers to make it an industrial art

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By constantly perfecting their skill,
they take delight in the improvement of the products
The craftsmen, in their pursuit of perfection and excellence,
set high requirements for details
Their pursuit of excellence, through counting little in profits,
matters a lot in benefiting the world

MQ7016 Wirelss Media Controller

Interface: Three infrared launching ports
RF Frequency: 868MHz
Capable of 868 bi-direction transceiver through MR7203 bus
Gateway integrated into smart home system
Capable of controlling one infrared multimedia devices
Power supply: Battery powered
Installation: Desktop-based

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