A Transformation So Incredible

Transformation always comes with unexpected surprise the way you shines brilliantly
And another good example is the new Morgan smart
remote control, with its strength and beauty so incredible
All these, however, come naturally because of our firm belief that excellence will
definitely be created by continuous efforts to improve its performance and craft,
coupled with more new technologies

To Deliver a Shocking Usage Experience

Redesigning of each element is performed to deliver a brand new usage experience
To make it slimmer and lighter, more outstanding and powerful,our finished product
will be more of a vision of smart home than a new intelligent switch.

It Is All About Complete Innovation

Not only will we make the intelligent switch slimmer and lighter,
but we will endow it with greater utility and intuition
To achieve this requires more than a little bit here and a little bit there
Rather, we have completely reshaped all the essential elements
All these have been integrated into a simple but outstanding design

Hold It And You Hold The Reflection Of The World

While the mobile phone was designed for a better hand feel, unexpectedly we got a beautiful side curve
From the original frosted back cover it has been transformed into a replaceable card button. This not only shows the progress in craft,
but further increases feel, making it feel more gentle and comfortable
It looks so slim, feels so light and comfortable in your hand, that its fantastic sense of grip can only be felt by feeling it with your hand.

MQ8026 4-keys Smart Remote Control

It can control 1line of light or 1 line of electrical machines or 4 line of scenes
With 868 wireless motor and wireless light socket
With LED indication function
Power supply: 3V button battery
Transmitting distance: 100 meters outdoors, and 35 meters indoors
Transmitting frequency: 868MHz

New Product Information

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