We Live A Busy And Wonderful Life

Taking good care of oneself is also part of the success of achieving one's dreams
German Moorgen intelligent thermostat can automatically adjust the room temperature to the right to endow human body with a comfort feeling
Be it cold or hot outside, the comfortable warmth will welcome you home

With The Temperature
Under Control At Will

German Moorgen intelligent thermostat has many built-in types of sensors
So it can constantly monitor indoor temperature, humidity, and light,
as well as changes to the surroundings of the thermostat
With an ability to response quickly to the changes in the surroundings,
so as to deliver a use experience featuring safety, convenience and energy saving

Each day is a new day

German Moorgen intelligent thermostat also supports network
This means you can check the changes in temperature
and humidity occurring in your house with a mobile phone
Automatic integration of various indicators
and display of the comfort level help create a perfect world at home
Install it on the wall and you make your everyday a fresh and better day

Sense the warmth of home

Home is more of a comfortable and healthy lifestyle than a house
German Moorgen intelligent thermostat
can also perform the automatic analysis of users’
preferences by area based on users' operating data
And it will automatically shut down
or switch the temperature control mode according to your schedule
The longer it accompanies you,
the greater the friendship between you two is

MR3003 Smart Thermostat

It can be set up for air conditioning, underfloor heating or air temperature controller
Control voltage: AC 220V±10%/50Hz
Fan rated current: 5A
Valve rated current: 1A
Installation: Standard 86-bottom box installation
Dimensions: 86x86x65(mm)

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