All Made Of Genuine Materials
So As To Ensure The Quality Of Life

Perfect details lead to a good design
Shell and high-voltage electrical parts made of safer
high quality PC materials
Strongly-added flame retardant composition up to
the national fire retardant standards through specialized testing
All, including parts and components,
are made of genuine materials so as to ensure the quality of life

Intelligent Module
is Made The Way An Artwork Is Created

Adhere to the concept that
“Intelligent module is made the way an artwork is created”
Relying on meticulous process to ensure that no real stuff are wasted
Compact design to occupy the least space of your electricity box while performing all its functions
Our constant efforts are to build a better life for all

MR3002 Central Air Conditioning Gateway

Applicable for central air conditioning gateway
Capable of controlling the thermostat control panel of Daikin, Hitachi, Gree, Samsung, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, McQuay and ELSONIC
Bus protocol: TCP/IP protocol + RS485 protocol
Supply Voltage: DC 24V
Installation: Standard 35mm guide installation
Dimensions: 72x90x65(mm)

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